Choosing the right paint colours for my home?

Posted by: Danny

There are many things to consider when painting a room or more than one

room for that matter.

• Think of colours you like. What are your favorite colours?

• What other colours do you have in your home? Think of colours on your

walls as well as the other colours that are through out your home in decor.

You want the new colour to compliment your furniture, carpet, curtains, or

anything you plan on leaving in or adding to the room.

• Pick out swatches of material and/or paint swatches at your local store to

compare. You may have something in your home with a colour you want to


• When you are ready to try some colours most paint stores have sample

containers they will give you or you can purchase for just a few pounds.

• Sit with the colour once you have a sample on the walls. See what it looks

like at different times of day. Remember paint will look different in

different lighting. Make sure you like how it looks in the different light.

• If you customize a colour to match material perfectly make sure you buy

enough paint. Customizing paint may not be exact everytime.

• The finish of the paint is very important. The room will help you determine

what finish you should use. The choices vary from flat, eggshell, gloss,

semi-gloss, high gloss, etc. Consider the details of what each finish will

do before you choose. A flat finish for example can be difficult to clean.

Eggshell is a light sheen but can be wiped off more easily.

Picking your new colour should be fun and exciting. Adding colour to a room

can make a huge difference. Consider adding a shade to the ceiling to

really change things up.

Please remember picking a colour is about what you like and what makes

you feel comfortable in your home. Please let us know if there is anything

we can do for you and picking your paint colours. We are happy to help.

These pictures show a change I made to our dining room wall. We bought

our condo about 5 years ago and I painted this yellow checker board. I

really like the checker board design. The wall is pretty large and I liked

adding a little design to the wall because I really didn’t know what to do with


This past fall I was tired of the yellow but wanted to keep the checker board design. So I found colours I liked and spent a day painting  the squares.   I love the new colour. It made it feel fresh and clean. I think playing around with colour is a great way to create a new look while maintaing your style.


We are a dedicated team at Peterborough Painter and would be happy to help you with your colour questions.


Barb Baird

Peterborough Painter


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